Tuesday, November 20, 2018 10:19 pm

Israel’s Christian Schools Get Overdue Grant

Cash-strapped Christian schools in Israel will be able to access a large government draft that is months overdue, reports The Times of Israel. The country's 47 Arabic speaking Christian schools...

ISIS Threaten to Eliminate Egypt’s Christians

Muslim extremist group, ISIS, on Sunday threatened to eliminate Egypt's Christians and vowed to "liberate Cairo," Ara News reports.

Egypt’s Christians Flee Sinai After Attacks

Many Coptic Christians in Egypt left North Sinai province following a series of attacks by suspected Muslim extremists. The Christian families are now in the Evangelical Church in the...

Jerusalem Synagogue Vandalized With Christian Graffiti

A synagogue in Jerusalem was vandalized overnight, Israel Today reports. Christian crosses were spray-painted in black across the front doors and windows of the Jewish house of worship. Local authorities...

Many Expected to Attend the Irish Christian Conference in July

A large number of Christians are expected to flock to Sligo, Ireland to attend a conference next month, The Journal reports. Sligo17 is a summer conference for Christians which will be held from July 9th through July 14th, 2017. Organized by New Wine Ireland, the conference aims to gather Christians all over Ireland for a week of fellowship and church empowerment. General Manager John Stewart said Sligo17, "Is for anybody who loves Jesus."

Christian Newspaper Uses Manga to Attract Young Followers

A newspaper based in Japan uses cartoons, game apps, and cosplay events to engage the youth in Christianity, reports Japan Times.

Muslim Buys Giant Christmas Tree in Baghdad

A Muslim businessman has erected an 85-foot-tall Christmas tree in Baghdad as a sign of solidarity with Christians during the holiday season, The Associated Press reports. Yassir Saad said the...

UNESCO Rejects Israel’s Sovereignty over Jerusalem

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) passed a resolution rejecting Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, Al Jazeera reports.

Church in Syria Holds First Service after Six Years

Christians said prayers for the first time in six years inside a broken down church in eastern Syria, reports online news website The Arab.

Muslim Refugees Convert to Christianity in Greece

Nearly 97% of the population in Greece identifies with the Orthodox church, but most of them are only affiliated with the church in terms of culture and not in...


Reflecting on Privileges, Burdens of Ministry

Pastors love walking with their people through life’s celebrations and tribulations, but in ministry, pastors often carry burdens of their own.

Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord

In Ephesians 1, Paul didn’t pray for material blessings, but for spiritual perception. In verse 19, he prayed “the eyes of your understanding being enlightened.” The word understanding means heart.

Are You Passionate?

Anyone who knows anything about the National Football League is aware that Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike...

There is Another Way

J.T. Starks grew up in Lancaster, Texas, near Dallas, amidst violence and uncertainty. He had no role model as a child, but he relied on his instincts for survival.