Searching for a Solution
Most people begin each New Year with a set of resolutions; losing weight, getting fit, giving more, doing more, but what exactly is a resolution? By definition, it is “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem.” We construct resolutions as a product: to be ten pounds lighter, or to watch less TV, to help out in our communities, and other worthy goals. However a resolution, by definition, is a process. It is the act of finding an answer, and it is the ability to find clarity and solutions to a given problem.


Cindy’s Starting Place
Cindy Martel, founder of Race for Faith, an annual 5K/10K non-profit ministry, has shown us exactly what this means. Twelve years ago, she saw a problem: too many people in the world are hurting and not experiencing the love of God in their lives. Having been runner for over twenty years, Cindy saw an opportunity to use her time and her talent to actively find a solution to this problem. She puts her love for God and her love for running into action and keeps her focus on reaching one person at a time.

“To us, it has always been about the one person who comes out to this event that needs to know God loves them and to be encouraged every step of the way. Jesus is our motivator,” she told One Christian Voice.

With a burden for the lost and hurting and an idea for a solution, Cindy began organizing a race to bring people together to raise funds for organizations in our community that are helping others and sharing the love of God. One idea that she believes came from God sparked her google search of “Race Directors” as she picked up the phone and began calling people with experience in organizing races. Thanks to the unwaivering support of her husband, Victor Martel, and a few willing friends, what started as an idea on a treadmill, has now flourished into thousands of lives being touched and over $70,000 being raised for organizations that are sharing the love of God by offering a helping hand to those in need.

Local Charities Win
Cindy has lived in Palm Beach County for most of her life and has personal ties to most of the charities that the event supports. Her heart for Genesis Assistant Dogs began in January of 2012.

“On January 13, 2012 my fourteen year old suddenly collapsed at school and was rushed to a hospital… After many MRI’s, the neurologist determined he has Cortico Dysplasia, which causes seizures. For Brandon, this was very hard to hear in any form of a diagnosis and he began experiencing panic attacks. He was put on medication, the side effects of which would trigger panic attacks, making it hard for him to do many social activities. We then decided to train Sophie, our two year old Goldendoodle. This was exactly what he needed. This dog was our angel.” Cindy feels personally blessed for the opportunity to give back to an organization that has touched her family so personally. This along with World Vision, Urban Youth Impact, C.R.O.S.S Ministries, Veteran’s Support Organization, and First Priority are just a few of the organizations that Race for Faith is able to promote and fund each year.”

An Invitation

As we look back on our own resolutions for 2015, Race for Faith should remain in our hearts, our prayers, and our plans. This year, the event will be held on February 21st in John Prince Park, Lake Worth. The event is always looking for new runners, volunteers, or even attendees for support. Cindy’s resolution-turned-reality should inspire us to never give up, and to turn to God for answers to our problems and clarity in our lives. Cindy shares her inspiration, “God will always see it through. No matter how overwhelming it will get, keep focusing on Him. He will never let you down, and He has always shown up. Never take the focus off Him. He knows your heart!”

The race will take place at John Prince Park in Lake Worth on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 with a 5K and 10K course. Advance registration is $30 and registration at the event will be $40. All proceeds benefit non-profit charities.

For more information on Race for Faith, please visit